Tozando's Custom Iaito Sword - SUZAKU -


Tozando's Custom Iaito are made exclusively for you at our special Iaito workshop in Gifu Prefecture, with the finest materials and some of the best craftsmanship available today. This gives our custom Iaito great durability and an air of authenticity. Perfectly weighted and perfectly balanced, Tozando Custom Iaito aspire to feel like shinken. Each one of our Iaito are constructed by master craftsmen with 10 years of swordmaking experience or longer. Neither non-Japanese labor nor the mass-production system is applied to any Tozando Iaito. And while some may have decorative elements, none of our Iaito are ornamental. They are all tools for use in martial arts, and they are used throughout the world by deshi and sensei alike.

In ordering a Tozando Custom Iaito, so as to truly make it "Your Iaito", you are free to select the type and color of saya, and the type of tsuba you would like, the metal fittings, tsuka wrapping, materials and many other options. Please note that additional charges may apply to some selections. Despite the plethora of available options characteristics, ordering the Tozando Custom Iaito is very easy. Create your perfect iaito and practice with a true piece of Japanese craftsmanship.