Mitsu-Kuwagata Maetate 16-Suji Kabuto Iyozane Nimai Do Gusoku Yoroi

¥858,370 ¥1,000,000

The Samurai Armor

16-ken Suji Kabuto & Brimmed Mabisashi/Fukikaeshi

Kabuto helmet features the 16 lines of helm ridge with a Mitsu-kuwagata(three hoe-shaped crest) front crest. The Mabisashi(forehead plate) and Fukikaeshi(lame) is brimmed for the extra awesomeness and Menpo faceguard features four kozane (lacquered iron plates) on Nodowa (bevor). Shikoro (neck guard) also features four kozane (lacquered iron plates).

Byo-uchi Iyozane Nimaido

This traditional Iyozane Nimaido(a horizontal barrel type which consists of two plates) is also brimmed with the gold color metal and a fine brass ornamental decoration is featured on the chest and the back

Sode & Tekko

Sode spaulders are made from six Kozane type steel. Vambraces called Kote is made from one-piece iron slats(Shino) on beautiful brocade with chainmail.Tekko gauntlets are made of lacquered embossed irons linked to Kote with chain mail.

Kusazuri & Haidate

Kusazuri consists of six tassets and each tasset is made of five Kozane. Haidate features two cuisses and each cuisse has 30 pieces of square metal.


This pair of Suneate applies the Nanban style greaves.

All kozane lacing is made with cotton cord. The brown synthetic leather is attached inside the Do.