Tachi - Yoshimitsu - AJSA Certificate - Shirasaya Koshirae - Ubu Nakago - Gendai Era


This is an excellent replica of the Sanchomo, a national treasure sword overflowing with gorgeous elegance, and is regarded as surpassing the original. The replicas of the Sanchomo made by Master Ohno are popular worldwide, but what makes this sword especially remarkable compared to his other works is that the late Fujishiro Matsuo, a legendary polisher who was a living national treasure, had this sword polished. It was so special that Ohno kept it in his home as part of his personal collection for a long time, and now he has given us special permission to sell it for Tozando. This Tachi comes with an official certificate from the All Japan Swordsmith Association.

Ohno Yoshimitsu's Profile

His real name is Yoshikawa Mitsuo, and his mentors are Yoshiwara Yoshindo and Kuniye. He pursued the replication of the Ichimonji Sanchomo, a national treasure tachi handed down in the Uesugi family, and completed a work of art that surpassed even the original in quality. In particular, his hamon, a jukachoji called Ohno Choji, has received worldwide acclaim. His skills are unsurpassed among modern swordsmiths, and the precision of the work he produces is outstanding.

  • Blade length: 79.1 cm
  • Curvature: 3.3 cm
  • Number of Mekugi hole: 2
  • Signature: Tohto Junin Yoshimitsu no saku
  • Fitting: Shirasaya
  • Original Registration No.: Tokyo 325370

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