Katana - Yoshisada - NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate - Uchigatana/Shirasaya Koshirae - Ubu Nakago - Shinto Era - Tochigi 5940

¥1,620,000 ¥1,800,000

This piece is a katana made by Yoshisada, who lived in the country of Yamashiro. This Yoshisada is said to be a disciple of the first Tambanokami Yoshimichi, one of the leading figures of the Osaka Shinto period in the Kanbun era. The first Yoshimichi was from Mino, but later moved to Kyoto, where he is famous for having trained many great apprentices.

The condition of this sword is very well preserved considering its age. Unfortunately, there is a very thin, 1mm wide rust of 2.5cm in a spot about 1cm from the hamachi on the sashiura side, but this is not a factor that would greatly reduce the value of this sword. The blade features itame hada with midare hamon. There is an extremely long yakidashi, which is typical of shinto swords made in Osaka. The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords has certified the value of this sword as a Special Preservation Sword, considering its excellent condition.

As for the koshirae's metal fittings, they are fuchigane with a fish theme, menuki with a flower motif, and tskagashira made of buffalo horn. The name Suzuki Ryoei is engraved on the fuchigane. Suzuki Ryoei was a disciple and adopted son of Iwamoto Ryokan, a master swordsmith who was active from the mid to late Edo period. Tsuka cord is made of white pure silk and wrapped in the tsumami-maki method. The round iron tsuba is decorated with various flower motifs and is inlaid with gold, including the border. The scabbard is decorated with a gorgeous lacquer of kinchirashi.

If you are looking for a great Japanese sword that will become a family heirloom, this is an excellent choice.

  • Blade length: 71.0 cm
  • Curvature: 1.1 cm
  • Number of Mekugi hole: 2
  • Sakihaba: 20.8 mm
  • Sakikasane: 4.7 mm
  • Motohaba: 30.7 mm
  • Motokasane: 7.0 mm
  • Signature: Yamashiro no Kuni Fujiwara Yoshisada
  • Era: Shinto
  • Structure: Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune
  • Jitetsu: Itame
  • Hamon: Midare
  • Boshi: Midarete Hairi Komaru ni Kaeru
  • Nakago: Ubu
  • Weight: 770 g(blade only)
  • Original Registration No.: Tochigi 5940

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