Newly Forged Katana by Kazuyoshi


In May 1974, he was apprenticed to Yoshimitsu Yasumoto, receiving approval to make swords in 1979, and exhibited his work for the first time at the Modern Sword Artisan Exhibition's sword-making division.

Since then his work has been selected for multiple awards. His master Yoshimitsu was a master of the Soshu-den style, which he learned from living national treasures Yoshihara Kuniie and Miyairi Shohei. While inheriting his style, Kazuyoshi taught himself how to forge the Bizen-den choji style as well as how to make beautiful carvings. He was hindered greatly by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and temporarily lost his workshop. A year later a new workshop was completed and he continued to work hard on his swords.

His swords are highly acclaimed as practical swords, especially for iai and batto, and are also popular outside of Japan as well.

Swordsmith name: Kazuyoshi

Real name: Kazuhiro Tsuji

Birthplace: Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture

Birth: 1954