Newly Forged Katana by Sadatoyo

Sadatoyo decided to become a swordsmith and entered the apprenticeship of Living National Treasure swordsmith Gassan Sadakazu in 1994. As a matter of fact, he became the last apprentice of Gassan Sadakazu and studied swordmaking as his apprentice for about five years. In 1999, he received approval from the Agency for Cultural Affairs to make art swords, and in 2001, he was allowed to become independent from Sadakazu, so he returned to his hometown of Shiga and established my own swordsmith workshop. His swords, which are the legitimate heirs to the Gassan lineage, have won numerous awards and are beautifully tight, yet exude a graceful delicacy. He continues to produce wonderful pieces for both practical and appreciation.

Swordsmith name: Sadatoyo

Real name: Satoshi Tanaka

Birthplace: Shiga Prefecture

Birthday: March 17, 1973

How did you become a swordsmith?
I used to like knives since I was a child. One day when I was riding the train as an adult, I happened to see an advertisement on the train for the "Shinsakuto Exhibition" held at Osaka Castle. I went to see the exhibition and it was then that I made up my mind to become a swordsmith.

What are you most particular about when making a sword?
When making a sword, I always make sure to do each step from the client's point of view.

Message to sword lovers around the world:
People come to love Japanese swords in different ways, but if you look at them from different angles, you will be able to enjoy the world of Japanese swords more deeply and more broadly.