Newly Forged Katana by Nihon Genshosha


Members: Tomoki Kuromoto, Kosuke Yamazoe, Tomoyuki Miyagi

Birthplace: Osaka City, Osaka(Tomoki), Suita City, Osaka(Kosuke), Koto-ku, Tokyo(Tomoyuki)

Date of birth: April 2, 1986(Tomoki), January 6, 1990(Kosuke), March 19, 1990(Tomoyuki)

How did you become a swordsmith?

I decided to become a swordsmith when I was a child because of my longing for and interest in swords.(Tomoki)

I became interested in sword smithing through the influence of Japanese period dramas. This made me decide that I wanted to make Japanese swords.(Kosuke)

I was influenced by the period dramas I watched with my parents. By the time I was in junior high school, I wanted to work in a Japanese sword-related field.(Tomoyuki)

What are you most particular about when making a sword?

Bold and precise. I pursue the beauty of functionality to make it beautiful from an artistic point of view.(Tomoki)

I give the best I have at the time and update it each time I make a sword.(Kosuke)

A fierce, sharp appearance and the blade pattern.(Tomoyuki)

Message to sword lovers around the world:

I hope you enjoy the charm of past and future swords.(Tomoki)

As the Japanese sword can be owned by anyone without the need for a license, I hope they are able to find the perfect katana for them and experience owning a Japanese sword.(Kosuke)

Japanese swords are not only weapons but also have been cherished as spiritual talismans since ancient times. In the modern age, the Japanese sword is the only art object that allows us to feel the "image of life and death." We hope that people living in the modern age will look at themselves through the Japanese sword and use it as a source of inspiration for living in the present.(Tomoyuki)