Newly Forged Katana by Munehiro


The Myochin family has been a family of armor craftsmen since the Heian period (794-1185) and served the Sakai family, the lords of Himeji Castle. When the samurai era ended with the Meiji Restoration, they switched to making tongs. Since then, Myochin hibashi have been a well-known product among those in the know.

Munehiro Myochin (real name, Yusuke Myochin) was born in 1974 as the second son of the 52nd head of that Myochin family. From an early age, he grew up watching his father hammering iron, and he loved making things. He then majored in sculpture at Takarazuka University of Art and Design's Department of Fine Arts. During his studies, his life as a swordsmith began when he met Yoshihiro Kubo, a swordsmith from Shimane Prefecture, whom he happened to visit. In 2003 he was authorized as a swordsmith by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and in 2005 he opened his workshop in Himeji City.

Since then, he has won numerous awards at the New Sword Exhibition and played the role of a swordsmith in the Hollywood movie "The Last Samurai" released in 2003. He is a young swordsmith who is expected to continue to make great achievements in the future.

Swordsmith name: Munehiro Myochin

Real name: Yusuke Myochin

Birthplace: Hyogo

Birth year: 1974

How did you become a swordsmith?
I met my master, Yoshihiro Kubo, who inspired me to become a swordsmith. I was drawn to the allure of living as a swordsmith and the beauty of Japanese swords.

Personal Motto
"Bold yet with meticulousness". I sometimes become timid when failures continue, but then I remember these words.