Newly Forged Katana by Yukihira


Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira (real name: Kei), swordsmith, was born in Nagano Prefecture in 1957 as the son of Miyairi Yukihira (real name: Kenichi), a living national treasure and head of the Miyairi clan, which produced such master swordsmiths as Akitsugu Amada and Toshihira Osumi.

As the second son, Kei did not initially intend to become a swordsmith, but in 1977 he began training under his father, Miyairi Yukihira.

However, his father passed away suddenly in the middle of his training, and he began studying under his father's apprentice, Masahira Fujiyasu, a master swordsmith. In 1982, Kei received approval from the Agency for Cultural Affairs to make swords, and as a swordsmith, Kei Miyairi exhibited his works one after another at exhibitions of new masterpieces of swords and other exhibitions, winning prizes. His reputation as a swordsmith grew.

In 1996, he changed his name to Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira after his great-grandfather, who was also a swordsmith, and his father, and in 2000, he was certified as MUKANSA swordsmith.

Kozaemon's swords follow the style of Shizu Kaneuji, a Mino swordsmith of the Nanbokucho period, as did his father Miyairi Yukihira but he also aims to establish the Kozaemon Yukihira style of Soshu-den, producing unique Japanese swords with a beautiful appearance, clear jitetsu, and soft hamon.

Swordsmith name: Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihira

Real name: Kei Miyairi

Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture

Birth year:1957

How did you become a swordsmith?
After all, sword-making was the family business, and that is what led me to become a swordsmith. I originally had a strong admiration for art in general, but I was ultimately attracted to my father, who was a master craftsman, because of his sublimity and charm as a human being.

Personal Motto
No matter what hardships I may suffer, I will persevere in the pursuit of satori (enlightenment), and I will never repent for my efforts in ascetic practice.