Katana - Kanemitsu - NBTHK Hozon Certificate - Uchigatana/Shirasaya Koshirae - Suriage Nakago - Koto Era - Kyoto 11152

¥980,000 ¥1,100,000

This piece is a katana from the Muromachi period of the Koto period and is in excellent condition and very well preserved. There are no kitae flaws, chips, or dents at all, and the polishing is in great condition. The hada is itame with mokume mixed in and chikei is well visible. In a sense, itame hada mixed with mokume, which is a characteristic of the Koto period, is like a work of art and is a real pleasure to appreciate. Hamon is a thin suguha with a well-tightened nie, which is both elegant and has a practical beauty. The boshi is in the shape of an omaru. Originally the sword blade was longer, but was adjusted to its present length by Suriage.

Uchigatana koshirae is estimated to be from the early Edo period. Beautiful hand-crafted engravings are applied to the fuchikashira. The tsukaito is of the period and has a few stains and other blemishes, but it exudes the style of a witness to the era.

The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords issued a certificate of authenticity in December 2023 after a Hozon appraisal of this piece as being in very good condition and worthy of preservation for future generations.

Japanese swords are known to be unbreakable, unbendable, and cut very well, and this Kanemitsu piece embodies all of these qualities, making it a very suitable heirloom or collection item that Tozando is proud to recommend to you.

  • Blade length: 69.4 cm
  • Curvature: 1.2 cm
  • Number of Mekugi hole: 4
  • Sakihaba: 18.6 mm
  • Sakikasane: 4.1 mm
  • Motohaba: 27.6 mm
  • Motokasane: 6.3 mm
  • Signature: Noshu ju Kanemitsu(front)
  • Era: Koto
  • Structure: Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune
  • Jitetsu: Itame with Mokume
  • Hamon: Hoso-suguha
  • Boshi: Massugu Haitte Omaru ni Kaeru
  • Weight(Blade only): 700 g
  • Nakago: Suriage
  • Koshirae: Brown silk Tsuka with Kuro-ro Saya
  • Original Registration No.: Kyoto 11152

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