Matchlock - Kihachiro - Shinshinto Era - Aichi 33287


Tsutaya Kihachiro, who crafted this matchlock gun, was a gunsmith active in Sakai, Settsu (present-day Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture). Sakai was the main production center of firearms in Japan after guns were introduced from Portugal to Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima in 1543. The guns made in this region are called sakai-zutsu, and are characterized by their slender barrels and ornate decorations.

This gun was used for hunting and target shooting, with its slender barrel and base wood decorated with gorgeous ornaments throughout. The wooden part supporting the barrel is also decorated with a brass plate in the shape of a pine tree. His name can also be seen on the underside of the barrel. This is a gem that shows the characteristics of Sakai-zutsu in its various parts.

  • Over-all length: 135.3 cm
  • Barrel length: 105.2 cm
  • Caliber: 1.35㎝
  • Era: Shinshinto 
  • Original Registration No.: Aichi 33287

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