Wakizashi - Mumei(No signature) - Uchigatana Koshirae -Suriage Nakago - Shinto


The surface of this wakizashi blade is a little cloudy, but there are no flaws and it is in good condition. The hada is itame with mokume well mixed in, and the hamon is thin suguha and very elegant. The boshi is ichimai boshi, which has been quenched all the way to the yokote.

The koshirae is in relatively good condition considering its age. The fuchigashira, kurigata, menuki, and kaerizuno are unified with dragon motifs and are original parts. Only the tsuba may have been replaced in later periods. The habaki is of two pieces. The scabbard is kuroro and the kojiri is finished in a semi-round shape.

Considering its condition and price, this is a very good value for money Wakizashi.

  • Blade length: 53.0 cm
  • Curvature:  1.4 cm
  • Number of Mekugi hole: 2
  • Sakihaba:  18.0 mm
  • Sakikasane: 2.5 mm
  • Motohaba:  28.3 mm
  • Motokasane: 2.8 mm
  • Signature: No signature
  • Era:  Shinto
  • Structure: Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune
  • Jitetsu: Itame with mixed Mokume
  • Hamon: Hoso-suguha
  • Boshi: Ichimai
  • Weight(without Saya): 760 g
  • Nakago: Surigage
  • Koshirae: Brown silk tsuka wrappping with Kuroro saya
  • Original Registration No.: Tokyo 54749

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