Tanto(Yoroidoshi) - No Signature - Tanto Koshirae - Ubu Nakago - Shinshinto Era - Tokyo 1479525

¥398,000 ¥420,000

This piece is a yoroidoshi, a dagger with a very thick blade. A yoroidoshi is a short sword used to stab an armored opponent through a gap in the armor during a hand-to-hand combat, and the blade is much thicker than a regular short sword.

The motokasane is 9.6mm thick and very powerful. The sword is free of any defects such as forging flaws, dents, or chips, and the sharpening is in good condition, so the hada and hamon look very good. There is a scuff mark on the sashiura side about 8 cm from the munemachi that was caused by friction with the scabbard.

Itame's hada is well packed and mokume is mixed in places, and yubashiri is evident. Ko-gunome hamon has hataraki such as sunagashi and kinsen. Boshi is returned in the form of nakamaru. The koshirae uses parts from those days. The cord of tsukaito is a little worn around the menuki. The scabbard is very textured with a design based on thunderclouds. Unfortunately, the kozuka is missing.

We are offering this very powerful Yoroidoshi dagger at a very reasonable price. Only Tozando can offer this price for this quality.

  • Blade length: 26.6 cm
  • Curvature: Uchizori
  • Number of Mekugi hole: 1
  • Motohaba: 27.6 mm
  • Motokasane: 9.6 mm
  • Signature: No Signature
  • Era: Shinshinto
  • Structure: Hira-zukuri, Iori-mune
  • Jitetsu: Itame mixed with Mokume
  • Hamon: Ko-gunome
  • Boshi: Naka-maru
  • Weight(without Saya): 440 g
  • Nakago: Ubu
  • Original Registration No.: Tokyo 1479525

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